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A Stump Grinders Bearing Maintenance Guide
over 2 years ago

A huge quantity of technical bearing information and method is obtainable through most bearing manufacturers. If you are like me, you honestly do not have the time, patience, or hobby, in wading via all of this facts, with value effectiveness being unsupported by means of the frequent need to outsource bearing preservation, however but do have an interest in strolling value reduction on your tree stump grinder.


Replacement bearings fee over £a hundred every, and represent a big part of general system renovation charges. This manual is supposed for folks that wish to reduce fee by using growing bearing service life. Bearing failure or premature bearing wear on stump grinders is in particular due to insufficient upkeep of smooth lubricant. I use a pneumatic grease dispenser pushed by using an air compressor at each days stop of stump grinding, with a grease pinnacle up, out in the discipline, using a conventional hand held grease pump.


I use a remarkable deal of grease however it's far far cheaper than replacement bearings. When I re-grease bearings, I very well purge out the tainted grease, until smooth grease exudes from the bearing. A high melting factor EP-2 grease is essential. I opt for a molybdenum disulphide (moly) enriched EP-2 complicated grease because it is a heavy-duty grease. So, to sum up this paragraph, there are three standards of maximizing bearing life insofar as lubricants are concerned:



A second commonplace cause for untimely bearing put on on stump grinders is insufficient or incorrect bearing adjustment ( for the ones machines with an adjustable bearing wear takeup) Now, I know how awkward accessing bearings for adjustment, can be on stump grinders. I made up a few specialized equipment out of allen keys, due to their hard, excessive first-class steel content material, as a piece around to the awkward get entry to trouble I even have on my grinder. You can check the best bench grinder in the market.


I absolutely floor away extra material with a bench grinder to shape an allen key into a proper-angled punch. If you are at ease doing this, please make sure to regularly cool the allen key in water. Do not let it turn blue in colour. I come from an engineering historical past, and take delivery of that many who can also read this, do now not. Many may additionally experience this to be extremely out in their intensity. This is why I'm making this attempt to avoid technicalities as much as viable with emphasis on minimal salient points. I'm no longer conversant with bearing get right of entry to configurations on all manufacturers of stump grinders, but I cannot over emphasis how, with a bit of initiative and backbone, the importance to triumph over a bearing get right of entry to trouble is. It will save you cash.


The detection and evaluation of premature bearing failure is by means of its nature a technical situation involving specialised system e.G. Heat sensors, vibration sensors, infrared sensors, oil and ultrasound evaluation gadget. All of this gadget generates a tremendous deal of records, is very costly, and definitely impractical out in the area. A non technical tree stump grinder who's structured upon the persistent operation of his stump grinding gadget will effortlessly be take away by way of this situation. The easiest, most realistic and non technical way to roughly monitor bearing performance is to rest your hand on the pillow block bearing after going for walks it for an affordable duration of time, say as a minimum one hour.


If you have to cast off your hand due to the fact the bearing is simply too warm, this indicates a worn bearing. Adjustment to absorb excessive play in the bearing be made according with producers commands. If the sound of a bearing "knock or rumble" is also heard, this generally manner it is excessively worn and needs replacement. For those who my be involved, there are 4 tiers of bearing failure which I will contact on, because it does get concerned and is not in line with this scope and its goal.:


Stage 1. Vibration analysis detects the earliest signal of bearing failure. Signal facts seems in the ultrasonic frequency variety band round 250 to 350 Kilo Hz.. At this factor there's about 10-20 percent remaining bearing existence.


Stage 2. Bearing failure starts to "ring" at its natural frequency (500 - 2000 Hz) At this point there may be 5 to 10% bearing existence left.


Stage 3. Bearing failure harmonics are obvious with defects within the internal and outer races. Temperature boom is now obvious with 1 to 5% bearing lifestyles left.


Stage 4. High vibration is obvious with random ultrasonic noise significantly expanded, temperature will increase quick. One hour to at least one percent ultimate existence.


It is unlucky for all stump grinder operators, that by the point a bearing knocks, rumbles, or extraordinarily heats up, it is shortly on its way to failure. There is no practical way for the average owner / operator to appropriately judge the length of serviceable time remaining in a stump grinders bearing while out within the discipline.


From this point of view, I am making an try and attempt to collect a few useable information out inside the area, which may additionally prove to be a sensible and less expensive manner to screen bearing serviceability. I can be putting in thermocouples (warmness sensors) to the bearings. If a running average temperature gradient may be installed, it is able to show helpful to those stump grinders who are worried with maximizing their machines bearing lifestyles, through honestly adjusting up their bearings, while its temperature upward push suggests time to do so. This will require a few attempt on the part of those involved. They too will want to fit thermocouples to their bearings to display temperature as the most effective value-effective, and sensible way to recognize when to modify up their bearings.


This attempt can be absolutely negated if a strict and enough re-greasing application isn't maintained. What will be the point of normal, timely, bearing changes, if the bearings regularly ran in a mattress of infected grease. I think the reader will agree, is a total waste of time and effort.


This attempt can be absolutely negated if a strict and enough re-greasing application isn't maintained. What will be the point of normal, timely, bearing changes, if the bearings regularly ran in a mattress of infected grease. I think the reader will agree, is a total waste of time and effort.


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