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How To Choose A Scroll Saw
about 3 years ago

There are many scroll saws on the market. Some are good, like the Dewalt DW788, and some are not so good. The old saying, “you get what you pay for”, really does apply in this case.


So some of the things that you should be looking at when choosing a scroll saw are:

Does the scroll saw look as if all of the parts blend and were made to fit or does it seem like the pieces were put there because they would work? Are the controls located in an easy to reach place or do you have to turn the whole things upside down to find the on/off switch?


Does the saw come equipped with a dust blower? If so, where is it located? A more important question will be to ask if the blower has enough power to at least clear the cut line.


Is the table top big enough to work on larger projects? A good thing to examine is how the table is set up.

Are the edges smooth or is there a chance of you nicking your finger? Is the arm situated high off the table so that you can have your hands on the work and make turns without adjusting the arm?


An important factor in choosing a scroll saw is the blade holders. One thing to consider when you were looking at the blade holders would be the way you change blades. You may also check the best reciprocating saw blades.


Is it an easy procedure or are you going to waste valuable work time changing blades? Do you require tools to change the blades and do they come with the saw?


The Dewalt DW788, for instance, has a unique tool-free blade changing system that allows you to change blades quickly and without much effort. 


Something most of the the people don’t consider when buying a scroll saw is the sound. What does the saw look like? You are potentially going to hear that noise hour, can you handle it? Does it vibrate a lot? This is important as the vibration will increase when you put the saw on a workbench.


Obviously, one of the most important factors in a scroll saw is the motor. Some saws are underpowered for the work that they are intended to do. Make sure your saw has enough power for the projects you will be using it for.

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