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Makita BSS610 Review
about 3 years ago

Makita Company, a leader among power tools manufacturers, has been pleasing its customers for years and their presence in this market with their model Makita BSS501 has only been further strengthened. BSS501 is a light chainsaw which belongs to the selective group of power tools that have been delighting handyman with its ease of use and mobility. You may like the best torque wrench reviews


It has a blade with 5 and 3/8″ diameter which can rotate up to 3,600 rounds per minute. When it is position ninety-degree angle against the cutting material, the cutting depth can reach two inches. If the angle is tilted to forty-five degrees, the depth is lowered to 1-3/8″.


Certainly one of the great benefits of Makita BSS501 is its light weight. With a battery fully loaded, it stands only at 5.7 lbs. It is also incredible that such a powerful saw is only 14 and a 3/8 of an inch in length. Thus, it can be easily carried anywhere and used without much effort on completing diverse types of jobs.


Since this is a mobile power tool, it uses a rechargeable battery (18V LXT Lithium-Ion) which not only permit handyman to move away from the electric grid but also allow them to enjoy prolonged use of this chainsaw. Even more impressively is the speed at which the battery is fully recharged which is around 30 minutes. 


Another interesting feature that Makita BSS501 has is built-in dust blower as well as led light. This feature can help its users tremendously by permitting them to see exactly what they are cutting which in turn can save them quite a bit of time since they do not have to stop and go their chainsaws.


On a downside, we have to mention that Makita BSS501 saw has a 2-inch depth which may not be sufficient for some professional users. Also, its engine is optimized for cutting light wood and boards and should not be used against hard support beams or other hard material such as metals. Also, diameters of a blade are somewhat smaller than the industry standard of 6 and a 1/2 inch.


Makita BSS501 Customer Reviews


This is an exact concern about Makita BSS501 that actual user, Larry W. Cormicle from Ames, Iowa, has mentioned in his review:


“I was within one minute of purchasing this saw and then I asked to purchase a plywood blade. None are available from Makita or any other blade manufacturer. The only saw blade that is available is the multipurpose blade that comes with the saw. The arbor size is 5/8 inch, which does NOT match the 3/8 inch of DeWalt saw blades of this diameter (5-3/8 inch).


The dealer did not stock any replacement blades. The DeWalt blades do not fit. So buying any replacement saw blades would be a special order, not the story you want to here when you are in the middle of a project and need a saw blade now. If only replacement saw blades were available readily and in multiple types. One caution, a saw blade of this diameter, 5-3/8 inch cannot cut through a 2×4 (1.5 inches) in one pass if the saw is set at a 45-degree miter.


I am not sure why Makita has chosen such an odd arbor size of 5/8 inch vs. every other manufacturer’s 3/8 inch arbor for saw blades of this size. If not for the blade limitations this saw would have been mine and in my workshop. On the plus side, this saw is lightweight, well balanced, with very comfortable hand grips…”

So, the bottom line here is that Makita BSS501 can serve you very well for the variety of jobs you need to do on the run.


Its high quality and durability are unquestionable. And with its ease of use and high maneuverability, it is easy to see why so many professionals, as well as weekend carpenters, are choosing to constantly carry it along. Customers are also further assured with Makita’s offer of a 3-year warranty against normal wear and tear of the machine.


Lithium-Ion battery has a guarantee of 1 year which is, just like in the case of laptop computers, rather standard for this type of advanced battery. In reality, with current steep discounts, it might have never been a better time to buy Makita BSS501, so you should really consider getting yours today.



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